Themed housing groups students with similar interests

Themed housing groups students with similar interests

To improve the quality of the college experience, Central Wyoming College’s Residence Life program is implementing Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) in campus housing.

Beginning this fall, resident students with similar educational interests will be grouped together, which will provide structured learning environments. “Life is so much better shared,” said Residence Life Coordinator Jonathan Rasbach, who along with faculty and staff is developing the program. “You’re going to enjoy life more when you are sharing it with people.”

He said the communities encourage integration of learning and involve students with “big questions” that matter beyond the classroom. Resident students have more access to college resources, Rasbach explained, but more importantly, they will have more opportunities to develop strong relationships with fellow students and their instructors.

The students will not be segregated, he emphasizes, rather they will have more interactions between and among the different themed housing areas. “Having these kinds of communities give a greater sense of belonging.”

He envisions students in film and theater, for example, to share similar academic experiences in lighting, design and acting. Research indicates students who participate in LLCs are more likely to complete their degree. “Students who don’t feel connected drop out,” Rasbach said. Connecting students with resources and creating experiences helps them to develop socially and professionally.

CWC has already experimented with LLCs when seven second-year Outdoor Education students resided in rustic cabins last spring at the Sinks Canyon Center. The residential program continues at the Sinks for outdoor education students as the college looks for an affordable solution to building a student housing facility on site.

In the beginning, a “new” student community will be housed in the Residence Hall while first-year outdoor education and visual and performing arts students will be placed in Mote Hall. Each of the LLC residents will establish community goals with the input and consent of the faculty advisors and the student resident assistants.

Rasbach said non-resident students are not precluded from participating in the enrichment activities and programming to be provided to the communities.
“LLCs will extend the academic goals of the college and help students maximize the benefits of living on campus,” Rasbach said.

The apartment complexes at CWC are undergoing major renovations with the West Apartments being completed this fall and East Apartments completed by the spring 2014 semester.
This summer, new fixtures, furniture and flooring were replaced in Mote Hall, and the Residence Hall will get new furniture.

For more information or to apply for housing, call Rasbach at (307) 855-2210.

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