92 CWC students named to President's Honor Roll, 101 to Dean's List

92 CWC students named to President's Honor Roll, 101 to Dean's List

Central Wyoming College’s 2013 fall semester grades have been computed and 92 students were named to the President’s Honor Roll for earning a 4.0 grade point average while 101 others were named to the Dean’s List for having a 3.5 or better GPA.

Students from Riverton named to the President’s Honor Roll are Charles Aragon, Rory Ashdown, Abigail Barlow, Jordon Barthel, Lori Bench, Shelly Bowersox, Tonya Busse, Amber Erhart, Ralph Estell, Jeffrey Garcia, Ashley Glynn, Tyler Graham, Devyn Grenier, Cassie Hefenieder, Vincent Heron, Morgan Hinkle, Rachel Hofer, Miranda Hosking, Matthew Johnson, Bryan Kabe, Zachary Kronland, Rachel Lamb, Keith Manning,

James Manzanares, Riley Moore, Ryan Nemelka, Amanda Norton, Megan O’Neill, Bree Olson, Shayla Perez, Annie Phister, Kaylie Randall, Rachel Rapp, Jacob Scheer, Steven Skelton, Shay Stanek, Tori Stanek, Sarah Steger, Hanna Svilar, Katherine Thorne, Kari Wadsworth, Cassandra Warren, Jonathan Webb, Abigail Wilson, Tavia Young and Brandon Zeller.

Lander students named to the President’s List are Justine Frantz, Elizabeth Hardwick, Caitlin Heryford, Katie Johnson, Dustin Newman, Benjamin Retel, Paul Toponce and Mariah Weigel.

Also on the President’s List are county residents Felicia Antelope and Randi Redwing of Arapahoe, Debra Castro of Dubois, Coker Haukaas and Nichole Tillman of Fort Washakie, Russell Goff of Kinnear, Tim Maul of Pavillion, and Tracy Fender of Shoshoni.

Other Wyoming students on the President’s Honor Roll are Mitchell McNeel of Alpine, Robert Meyer of Elk Mountain, Alexsander Delgado-Ramos, Clint Steiert and Lisa Weeks of Jackson; Logan Davis of Laramie, Hannah Black of Mountain View, William Brooks and Rebecca Iacovetto of Rawlins, Melinda Lawford of Teton Village, Lindsey Shervin of Thayne and Troy Nelson of Worland.

Out-of-state students on the President’s Honor Roll are Hannah Brady of Glenmore, PA, Tyler Herman of Monmouth Beach, N.J., and Sarah Koznek of Victor, Idaho.
Sixteen other students were named to the President’s Honor Roll but selected not to have their names published.

Named to the Dean’s List from Riverton are Jessica Araiza, Daryon Baumberger, Megan Beasley, Brady Beers, Justin Burk, Kaylee Burnett, Kara Christensen, Jerin Cooper, Jonnie Crossland, Dora Boyce, Victor Collins, Levi French, Anika Greenhalgh, Rena Hansen, McKenley Hellstern, Stetler Hopkin, Chaylie Hulme, Darlee Hyatt, Delaney Johnston, Jocelyn Jones, Stephanie Klein, Kyriessa Lane, Susan Lane, Latasha Lawrence, Jordan Leyba, Celia Logan, Salome Misinaqase,

Kaycee Munn, Jayden Myers, Miranda Nading, Jennet Nedirmammedova, John Nelson, Edward O’Brien, Asya Oguz, Tanya Ortiz, Oleksandra Pederson, Gabriela Piplica, Jessica Raab, Stephanie Ratliff, Lane Read, Michael Rider, Tiana Rieck, Lyndsee Robison, Rachael Rowan, Sheridan Smith, John Souza, Karen Stone, Isaiah Tademy, Jon Treadway, Talitha Trippel, Samantha Unruh, Elmer Velez Lopez, Ellare Votruba, Kameron Walker, Emily Wickert, Michael Woodward and Joji Yanagizono.
Lander students on the Dean’s List are Tara Brown, Chelsea Cheney, Austin Chase, Katrin Herden, Georgianna Holley, Nicola Holt, Corry Salone and Samantha Smith.


Other county students on the Dean’s List are Naylon Piper of Crowheart, Brandy Jackson of Dubois, Nicole Antelope and Dallas Wallowingbull of Fort Washakie, Jessi Ariks of Hudson, Melanie Rossi of Pavillion, Salvador Brown of St. Stephens and Nina Miller of Shoshoni.

Other state residents on the Dean’s Honor Roll are Nathan Barron of Big Piney, Jeptha Richie of Boulder and John French of Thermopolis.

Dean’s List honorees from out of Wyoming are Serena Kubo of Alliance, Neb., Colin McLeod of Eldersburg, MD, Nathan Welleford of Lexington, KY, and Marcus Josub of Whately, MA.
Fourteen other students were named to the Dean’s List but selected not to have their names published.

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