Pre-Health Professional


Students seeking to pursue a professional degree in health science, such as medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, dentistry, optometry or pharmacy, will find that the program for the Pre-Health Professional will fulfill the necessary requirements to transfer to the University of Wyoming or other four-year institutions of their choice. Students should contact the school they plan to attend to assure that they are taking the correct prerequisites.


Associate of Science Degree

General Education Requirements Credits
Writing Level I (WR1)3
Writing Level II (WR2)3
U.S & Wyoming Constitution (POLS 1000)3
LSCI(In program)
MATH(In program)
SOC(In program)
Program Requirements
BIOL1010General Biology I (LSCI)4
BIOL2020General Biology II4
CHEM1020General Chemistry I (LSCI)4
CHEM1030General Chemistry II4
CHEM2320Organic Chemistry I4
MATH1400College Algebra (MATH)4
PSYC1000General Psychology (SOC)4
Program Electives
Student must choose 12 credits from the following courses:
CHEM2340Organic Chemistry II4
MOLB2210General Microbiology4
PHYS1110General Physics I (LSCI) OR 
PHYS1310College Physics I (LSCI)4
ZOO2015Human Anatomy4
ZOO2025Human Physiology4
Total 64

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