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College and Career Readiness Center

Where do you want to go next? What career do you want to pursue? Think beyond your High School Equivalency Certificate.

We are a Certified Career Pathways program and will help you investigate career options as well as assist you along your journey toward your career goal. As a Central Wyoming College entity, we will help you prepare for college, but did you know we also partner with the Department of Workforce Services and Wind River Job Corps? With these partners we can help you develop employment skills and receive career technical training, all while earning your High School Equivalency Certificate.

If you never completed high school consider doing so now! Our High School Equivalency (HEQ) program puts your high school diploma within reach. It is your first step to a better future.

Need a more solid foundation in reading, writing and math skills before completing High School Equivalency exams? Our adult education programs will build upon your skills while preparing for the workplace, training or college.


AE/HEQ course schedules

Call 307-855-2193 or stop by CWC's main hall 176 for more information


  • Register for fall classes October 16-18
  • Classes run October 23-December 15
  • $25 registration fee (Includes $15 testing fee. Can't pay? Let us know, we can waive the registration fee based on need)
  • Bring government issued ID and social security number
  • Attend all classes!


Fall Session Hours: October 23-December 15!

Class Hours
Open Lab Hours
Evening Hours
1-4pm 5-8pm
8:30-11:30am CLOSED
8:30-11:30am 1-4pm 5-8pm
8:30-11:30am CLOSED


More Info AE

Students must be 18 years of age or older to take the High School Equivalency Test Battery without restriction. Students who are 16 or 17 years of age and not attending high school may qualify for an age waiver from the Wyoming Community College Commission. Qualification depends upon attainment of required scores on an assessment test.

Preparation for the High School Equivalency tests is offered in classes or as individualized instruction during the daytime or evening hours at the College and Career Readiness Centers in the CWC service area. There is a registration fee each semester for enrollment in the program; however, no student will be denied access because of an inability to pay. Expect to complete at least 50 hours in class before testing.

The High School Equivalency Test Battery covers five areas: Language Arts–Reading, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts-Writing, and Math. There is a $10 fee for each subject test and a one-time $15 test center fee. Registered students who qualify will be assisted with the testing fee.

Adult Education and High School Equivalency testing are also provided by outreach centers in Jackson, Lander and Ft. Washakie.

Accommodations can be provided to students with documented disabilities. Disclosure of a disability is voluntary. Accommodations are provided only to students who request them.